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Category Restaurant

Seoul Gamasot

Client Seoul Gamasot Industry Restaurant Services Logo, Poster, Website, Signage, Decal design Seoul gamasot’s logo is a modern interpretation of a Korean restaurant. Our logo conveys a unique atmosphere where tradition meets modernity. We gave it a red accent colour…


Client Cheongdam Industry Restaurant Services Logo, Business card, Voucher Nametag, Calendar, Table banner, Menubook, Website, Graphic decals, Interior, Pylon sign, Exterior Signage design Cheongdam is a premium Korean BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy the finest, fresh cuts of meat…

Chippy Dude

Client Chippy Dude Industry Restaurant Services Logo, Business card, Sticker, Poster, Brochure, Signage Chippy Dude’s logo is a combination of energizing blue and warm orange. The blue conveys the feeling of clean, fresh seafood, while the orange symbolizes warm, energetic…

Kim’s chicken

Client Kim’s chicken Industry Restaurant Services Logo Kim’s Chicken’s logo incorporates vibrant red and dazzling yellow harmoniously, capturing the consumer’s attention. With an appealing chicken character, it is designed to convey warmth and the joy of food.


Client Hanjan Industry Restaurant Services Menu Hanjan is a restaurant specializing in Korean cuisine. We designed their menu to captivate the eyes and taste buds of the guests, emphasizing the presentation of dishes through vibrant and enticing photographs. It has…


Client Jjawang Industry Restaurant Services Branding logo, Website, SNS, Menu board, Tri-fold brochure This logo is a calligraphic depiction of traditional Korean tiles and lettering. We used black as the main color to give off the most classic but luxurious…

Chicken Haus

Client Chicken Haus Industry Restaurant Services Logo, Website, SNS asset, Digital menu The main color is red and yellow, which stimulates appetite, and passionating serve to customers. To emphasize that customers can recognize chicken restaurants at a glance with chicken…